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I Do, but First: 10 Crazy-Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

  • September 28, 2018
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Attention bride-to-be and bridal party!

You’re free to plan your bachelorette party however you want.

You can organize a whole weekend in Vegas where everyone wears shot-glass necklaces and penis hats, plays risque versions of your favorite slumber party games and gets ejected from strip clubs.

But if that sort of thing isn’t your scene anymore, you don’t have to pretend to be someone else just because you’re tying the knot. In fact, there’s an abundance of unique bachelorette party ideas if you want something that feels a little more mature-and also kinder to the liver.

While some still love the bar-hopping and drinking games of a cliched “last night of freedom,” you may just want to tone it down a bit (considering you pay for it a lot more the next morning than you did back in uni).

Here are 10 unusual bachelorette party ideas that are nothing but crazy fun.

Do a Vineyard or Brewery Tour

Plan a tour around your favorite poison. Instead of the usual bar crawl, go for a unique idea like lounges or breweries that are popular for a specialty drink, like a wide selection of savory cocktails or tequila.

You can plan your own walking tour or sign up for one if you live in a big city. Or better still, you can use a limo service to ferry you from place to place-just don’t get behind the wheel!

Get an Adrenaline Rush

Ever daydreamed of doing wild and crazy activities with your pals, like whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, or learning flying trapeze? There’s arguably no better time to do it than at your bachelorette party.

Be sure to start planning in advance for this bachelorette party idea. You’ll need to make reservations and perhaps even take classes first (if you’re trying scuba diving, for example).

Other fun bachelorette party ideas for true thrill-seekers include rock climbing, parasailing, hang gliding, zip lining, and skydiving.

Road Trip

Vegas is a definitely a good option, but we’re talking about something different. Gather your girl pals and take a road trip to somewhere none of you have ever been.

You could visit the Mall of America, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, any beach-the options are countless. Just make sure everyone has a passport or enough time to get one if you go abroad (Canada and Mexico are just a day’s drive for some, you know!).

Oh, and please make playlists. We’re talking about jam-worthy hits and blasts from the past because a road trip is never complete without you singing noisily along to ’90s R&B hits.

Let Your Hair Down at a Music Gala

Gather everyone and grab tickets to a music party. Anything from the Lollapalooza in the Midwest to the Coachella on the West Coast will have various artists, so everyone can enjoy their favorite song.

Then book a home rental with lots of libations and snacks for a couple of days of fun.

Spa Day

A spa day is one idea that will definitely kill two birds with one stone. Pamper your girl gang with manicures or pedicures, hair appointments, and massages on the day of your party.

Lots of spas or salons will offer amazing group packages, so be sure to customize your experience.

Oh, and don’t schedule any facials since you don’t want everybody breaking out before your big day. But if you personally need a facial, make sure to have it at least 5 days before your special day.

Naughty Scavenger Hunt

Bar-crawling is a common bachelorette party idea, so add a wicked scavenger hunt and turn the evening into a racy romp session. Divide the girls into groups and send everybody out to collect racy things on the list.

Take pictures of the bride downing shots, dancing with someone’s father, or getting pecks on the cheek-the list of wild things to do or get is endless. Just ensure that none of it will get you kicked out of the bar or is illegal.

Go Glamping

Gather everyone for a luxury weekend getaway. Think an elegant chalet in the hills or a decked cabin in the forest. Throw in a few exciting bachelorette party games, some cocktails, and a day trip to the nearest town or spa.

And you can still eat as if you’re at a 5-star restaurant even if you’re out of town. Whip up your favorite meal, and round off the evening with some gourmet ice-cream sandwiches.

Bachelorette Paint Party

If you want to unleash your creative side, but want something easier than sketching the bride’s portrait, you can give a paint party a try. With a blank canvas and glass of wine, who knows what you can paint?

Bonus: You’ll have something beautiful to take home and celebrate the evening.

Play in an Amusement Park

You’re never too old to have some fun in an amusement park. One of the best bachelorette party ideas would be to let your inner child show as you get on electric swings, carousel horses, and roller coasters, chomping on chocolate in between rides.

If it’s warm, grab your suit and have some fun at a water park. Then have some fun at a girls’ night out in a cool club or restaurant.

Sports Car Racing

If the bride’s into sports car racing, then this is one of the coolest bachelorette ideas. Many companies offer round-the-track trips at full speed with a pro driver to give you the experience of being inside a speeding racing car.

But before you try this adventurous activity, make sure all the girls are down to doing it and there’s no age limit to the activity.

Wrapping Up Bachelorette Party Ideas

Whatever activity you pick, don’t do it a mere 24 hours to your big day. No one’s going to enjoy waking up early the next day and face a wedding celebration ahead.

As a rule, give yourself at least 7 days between the “last night of freedom” and the wedding day.

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