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No Kids Allowed: 10 of the Best Party Themes for Adults

  • October 14, 2018
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Apart from those troublesome things we call “laws” and “dignity”, there is no limit to what us adults can do when we want to have a good time.

With long work hours and bills to pay, sometimes it helps to get a little silly to blow off some steam and forget about our troubles (sorry kids).

If you fancy going all out and having a blast with your friends then consider some of these amazing party themes for adults below.

Party Themes for Adults

As we get older, dinner parties with our closest friends become more and more appealing. But now and then it’s fun to do something a little different.

Themed parties are a great way to have new experiences with your friends, and since you’re all adults, you can afford way better outfits.

1. High-Rollers Casino

Casinos can be fun, but in the end, almost everyone walks away with less money than they came with.

That’s why throwing your own gambling night is a guaranteed way to have all of the pleasure of gambling with none of the high-stakes risk. You can put together a few tables for poker, blackjack, and even set up some slot machine games on your smartphone or tablet.

For this theme you have three options depending on your friendship group:

  1. All gambling is for fun. Poker chips have no value, you just want to see who can win the most.
  2. Put together some fun prizes for the top three winners of the night. For example, you could have champagne for first place, chocolates for second, and a Lamborghini for third. A toy one that is!
  3. Get serious and gamble with real money. Because nothing is better than taking money from your friends.

Each option should be agreed upon before your guests arrive. You don’t want a fight breaking out because someone thought they were getting a real Lambo.

2. Mardi Gras

Bring the insanity of New Orleans to your living room. Or, if you care about your home and belongings, maybe rent out a venue to mess up instead.

Throwing a Mardi Gras party makes decorating and food prepping a piece of cake since the theme is so well known. You can have games and challenges set up for people to earn beads and even ask people to make their own mini parade floats.

3. Murder Mystery

If you haven’t attended an adult murder mystery party, you’re missing out. The genre has exploded with a huge variety of themes and options to choose from for parties of all sizes.

From Game of Thrones spoofs to classic 1950’s noir, there’s something for everyone.

The latest versions even come with character difficulty ratings so those who are super into it can be as complex as they want while the quieter ones can be fun one-note characters.

And seriously, some of the jokes they put in these things probably shouldn’t even be heard by young adults.

4. Sex and the ______

We didn’t forget the rest of the title, that last bit is for you to decide.

Sex is increasingly becoming less taboo so why not have a gender-mixed party dedicated to the raunchy and ridiculous?

Here are some options to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Sex and the Toybox – ruin everyone’s childhood by having a toy-themed party with a sexy twist. We’re talking Buzz Lightyear out of his space suit, Transgender Barbie, Assless-Chaps Spongebob. You get the picture.
  • Sex and the Movie – Pick your favorite sexy movie scene and play up that character. Go classy with a Marilyn Monroe, grease up as Johnny Castle, or just go The Full Monty.

Depending on everyone’s comfort levels, you can always play an adult board game to loosen everyone up too.

5. Groovy ’70s

Sorry kids, you just don’t get groovy like the rest of us.

A ’70s-themed party full of bell-bottoms and wild hair is a perfect way to throwback to some genuinely good ‘ol days.

It’s a great excuse to pull out your tie-dye and have fun decorating your house with tapestries and patterns. The vibe will be so chill you may even leave it all up after the party is over.

6. Black Tie

Fortunately for everyone, the workplace seems to be relaxing the rules on how we should dress. Men can have beards, women can enjoy fun patterns and some genius places have shunned suits altogether.

That said, sometimes it’s really nice to dress up in your best and pretend to be a classy, sophisticated member of society.

This kind of party invites classic drinks like Moscow Mules and martinis with tasty hors-d’oeuvres like shrimp cocktails and cheese with crackers.

If you’ve been knocking back the Bud Light and Barefoot wine recently, maybe it’s time to change things up for a night.

7. Masquerade

A more mysterious version of the black tie theme, a masquerade ball invites people to get weird and even a little creepy.

Known for their elegance and anonymity, these parties are a fun way for you and your friends to let your guard down a little more. A good way to start the party is to restrict anyone from removing their mask initially until everyone is a little tipsy. It makes guessing who’s who both fun and entertaining.

One fun game is to get everyone to change masks midway through the night to add to the confusion.

8. Rock and Roll

From Kiss to David Bowie, there are some excellent costumes and characters for people to choose from.

If you have musicians in your group, it could be a great way to encourage live performances and everyone else can try doing the karaoke of the person they’ve come as.

Of course, the artistry and style of these musicians are lost on some of today’s youngest generation. So if they start asking why you look so weird just tell them it’s an early Halloween party.

9. Fairytale

Fairytales don’t just have to be for kids, especially when adults put their minds to it.

There are many classic tales to draw inspiration from and if your friendship group is up for a laugh you can even ask couples to swap roles.

It gives any woman playing Beast from Beauty and the Beast a great reason to not have to shave for a while.

10. Medieval Mischief

Court jesters, kings, and maidens, the medieval theme gives everyone opportunities to play up their favorite part.

Draw inspiration from Game of Thrones or kick back to the real historical past, the choice is yours.

Not to mention you can also add in fun games and punishments like “pin the sword on the dragon” or put someone in the stocks if they offend a lady’s honor.

Party Hard

Party themes for adults are only fun if everyone gets involved. To make sure everyone is happy, it helps to run a poll with a list of options you would enjoy hosting. That way, you’ll get the most people involved and can have fun.

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