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The Best Hangover Prevention Tips Every Party Girl Needs to Know

  • October 11, 2018
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The only trouble with partying is dealing with a hangover the next day. The worst ones last even longer, and you tell your best friends that you’re swearing off alcohol forever.

(Until the next time).

But wait! If you follow these handy hangover prevention tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your nights out and still feel good the next day.

Top Hangover Prevention Tips for Every Party Lover

Instead of being a Boring Bob or Stay-at-home Sally just to avoid a hangover, follow some of these prevention tips and you can keep staying out all night long.

Eat Before You Start Your Night

You might want to fit into that figure-hugging Little Black Dress but don’t skimp on your meals during the day.

Eating a meal before you start drinking will help to slow down the absorption rate of any alcohol. It also prevents the irritation of the stomach lining that can be caused by drinking on an empty stomach.

By ‘eat a meal’ we really mean it: no salads here, please. Go for something with a good protein and carbohydrate balance, as this is the best combination to slow the rate at which you metabolize alcohol.

Drink Water Before You Get Drunk

Downing pints of water the morning you wake up with a hangover isn’t going to solve the problem. However, being fully hydrated before you hit the town, and maintaining this level throughout the night, will help you wake with a clear head.

The main symptoms of a hangover – the headache, dry mouth, foggy feeling, and sensitive stomach – are caused by dehydration. Staying hydrated will go a long way to preventing a hangover the next day.

Have a one-for-one rule: drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have throughout the night.

Think Ahead: Plan for Drunk You

When Drunk You gets home, it’s unlikely the first thing you’ll think of is water, painkillers, and something to eat for breakfast.

Before you go out with your friends, place two bottles of water by your bed. Include some anti-inflammatory painkillers, such as ibuprofen, but make sure they don’t contain acetaminophen as this is a bad mix with alcohol.

If you want to really be a boss in the morning, add a snack bar next to the water too, so you don’t have to leave your bed to get some essential food into you.

If you have to, leave a note on your bedside for Drunk You to read, reminding you to drink one of those bottles of water and some painkillers before getting into bed.

Stash a Gatorade

Water is great for hydration but, as alcohol reduces vital electrolytes in the body, a sports drink or Gatorade can actually be good for you.

You don’t need gallons of it, but drinking one halfway through your night will help you to restore lost electrolytes and stave off that hangover from hell.

Stash a bottle in your handbag or, if you’re a hands-free kind of party-goer, slip a sachet of Pedialyte in your wallet to add to some water – it does the same thing.

Go For Clarity

When you’re out and ready to party, try to think about the drinks you choose. The general rule is the darker the drink, the worse the hangover.

Clear drinks, such as gin and vodka, are less likely to give you a thumping headache than red wine or heavy craft stouts.

The clear drinks contain fewer toxins that can build up in your body if you’re enjoying glass after glass. These toxins can cause an inflammation reaction in your body – which is one reason for that pounding headache on a Sunday morning.

Mix With Juice

Opt for some juice mixers instead of sugary sodas. Downing a pint of orange juice the morning after won’t do anything except make your already-struggling stomach even more sensitive.

However, getting some vital nutrients into your system while you’re partying will help to minimize the hangover symptoms the next day.

Leave. The. Cigarettes. Alone.

Smoking – and vaping – are fast-track ways to dehydrate your body further. As well as giving you that furry-tongue feeling and questionable breath fragrance, smoking will definitely make tomorrow’s hangover worse.

Hit the Dancefloor

When you’re dancing, you’re not drinking. Dancing can help you to slow down your alcohol intake and the exercise will release endorphins that make you feel good, too.

Being distracted on the dance floor can also be a great way to remember your through-the-night water intake, too. When a song you’re not a fan of comes on, use it as an excuse to refill on the H20: there’s little point buying an expensive cocktail if you’re coming back to throw more shapes.

Say Yes to the Midnight Snack

You may be hounding for a greasy burger on the way home, but try to avoid this. The heavy, high-fat meal might taste good at 1 am, but it won’t taste so great when it comes back up again at 1.30 am.

Instead, if you’re feeling hungry at the end of the night, make some toast. A simple snack – without lots of fat – will help to steady your blood sugar levels.

This can help with stabilizing the absorption of any alcohol left in your system, helping you to avoid praying to the porcelain god when you should really be resting.

Get Some Sleep

Rest is incredibly important after a night out. You need to replenish your energy stores and give your body a chance to recover. After all, a big night out with lots of alcohol and dancing puts your body under a lot of stress.

That’s correct: you have permission to stay in bed. For a little while.

Exercise the Next Day

You heard that right: some gentle exercise, such as yoga stretches or a short walk around the block, can help improve your circulation.

This, and working up a slight sweat, will help flush out any remaining toxins more quickly than if you loaf around in bed ALL day.

Time to Party

Now you know your hangover prevention tactics, you’re ready for your next night out.

Stock up on the water, Gatorade, and bread for midnight toast, and you’re all set to enjoy the cocktails all night long!