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10 Unique Bridal Shower Party Ideas That Are Actually Fun

  • October 7, 2018
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This is it. You’ve been trusted to host a bridal shower for that special bride-to-be in your life. You want it to be amazing and one she will cherish always.

No pressure, right?

Bridal showers have a bad reputation for being boring and unoriginal. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially if you’re at the wheel!

Let’s look at 10 unique bridal shower party ideas you can use to make it as amazing as you want… and fun for everyone involved!

1. Fancy Pajama Party

If you’ve got a group of gals who have known each other since school days, what more fun could you have than a slumber party themed bridal shower? Only this time you get to up the coolness factor by making it into a fancy pajama party.

Layer the space in a bunch of pillows and blankets, then hang fairy lights around. Have everyone come dressed in their comfiest PJ’s. And play slumber party themed games.

But now you can serve champagne with the themed snacks. A perk you weren’t allowed back in high school.

2. Carnival Style

Who says kids should have all the fun? Host a carnival-themed bridal shower! And the beauty of it is, you can make it as fancy or laid back as you want.

Rent a cotton candy machine and pop some gourmet popcorn. Create carnival style game stations. You can even have an adult only bouncy castle.

But maybe skip on having any clowns join the party. You want your guests to have a blast, not nightmares.

3. Bridal Brunch

Instead of ladies who lunch, let’s make it ladies who brunch!

You can rent a room in one of the bride’s favorite restaurants. Or you can keep it more low key and host in someone’s home.

All you need is some brunch food and plenty of champagne or mimosas to get the ladies who brunch vibe going!

It’s classic and it’s simple. Perfect for a bride who you can describe as the same.

4. Diner En Blanc

How does a fancy dinner outdoors sound? With all the guests dressed in white?

If you base your bridal shower on the Diner En Blanc, that’s exactly what you’ll get. And it’s as awesome as it sounds.

Diner En Blanc is a massive worldwide outdoor dinner party. Everyone shows up in white and eats their fancy dinner under the stars.

And while your shower would be a much scaled down version of this, it would also be a much cozier and intimate event.

But make sure you don’t serve any dark food or drink… or the clothing won’t stay blanc for long.

5. Derby Party

Admit it. You’ve seen the Kentucky Derby and have always wanted to put on the craziest hat you can find and join in on the fun.

Well, now you’ll have an excuse to do so.

Host a bridal shower in a derby party theme! Recreate the scene as a garden party, complete with mint juleps and roses. And don’t forget all the southern food your heart desires.

Just make sure all your guests know to show up in their finest, derby hats and all.

6. Boho Backyard Picnic

For the laid-back bride, nothing says relax and join the party much more than a boho backyard picnic.

All you need is a bunch of chilled out style.

Set up a low table and surround it with layered blankets and rugs for everyone to sit on. Group a bunch of potted blooms all around. You can even add throw pillows around to add to the comfort.

And if you want to go all out, set up a water feature close by. And hang some lights and cloth streamers from nearby tree branches to blow in the wind.

As your guests arrive, place a flower crown on their head. That will bring out the boho chic in everyone involved.

7. Community Service

If flowers and opening presents aren’t the bride’s style, consider throwing a shower with a deeper purpose. Make an act of community service the center of the party!

Have everyone volunteer for the afternoon. It can be at a local soup kitchen, picking up trash at a park, or anything else that is near and dear to the bride’s heart.

Then afterward, go have drinks and lunch nearby to celebrate.

It will bring a sense of togetherness to the group and leave everyone with the warm and fuzzy feelings only helping the community can give.

8. Sports Day

Some brides are anti-girly everything. If that’s the case, why not throw her the sports-themed shower of her dreams!

If she’s a tennis player, organize a round of play at a local country club. Followed by lunch afterward.

Or if she’s into golf, head out to her favorite golf course.

No matter what sport she’s into, centering the party around that will make it special and personalized to her. Just as it should be.

9. High Tea

When else are you going to have an excuse to throw an adults-only party filled with cakes and pastries as far as the eye can see?

The British value high tea and they do it well for a reason. So, take their cue and give your shower a high tea feel.

Pile up the baked treats. Serve some tea sandwiches. And litter the place in flowers.

Just don’t forget the tea. Or you can substitute some bubbly. No one will mind.

10. Co-Ed Shower

For the ultimate in nontraditional bridal shower ideas, think co-ed! (Because what’s more fun than bucking tradition?)

More and more people are liking the idea of sharing in the special occasion with all their friends and family – keyword here is ALL.

This works well if the bride and groom have a big group of mutual friends, or even a big family on both sides. It’s the perfect opportunity to get everyone together for a chilled out celebration before the wedding.

Be a Hit with These Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Above all else, you want the bridal shower to be memorable and special for the bride-to-be. And using these bridal shower party ideas is sure to make it one no one is likely to forget – for all the right reasons.