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Bachelorette Party Favors: How to Pack the Perfect Swag Bag

  • October 3, 2018
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You’ve picked the venue, coordinated outfits, and decided on a designated driver. But your bachelorette party isn’t done just yet – do you know what you’ll pick for your bachelorette party favors?

It’s easy to leave the bachelorette gift bag as an afterthought. However, one of the best ways to ensure that your party is memorable is to put some extra effort into the favors your guests take home at the end of the night.

New York City, Chicago, and Las Vegas are the top three destinations for a bachelorette party. But no matter where you plan yours, these favors are perfect – keep reading to find out what to put in your gift bags.

1. Custom Wine

Everyone loves a bottle of something tasty to take home. But you can make it even better by adding a custom label to a wine (or beer, or cider) label to make things personal.

You can buy customizable wine bottle labels online, personalize them for each guest, and stick them on any bottle you like. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be special. You can even choose your wedding colors for the labels to make things even more memorable.

2. Flip-Flops

Rubber flip-flops are another great favor that you can get in your wedding colors. Everyone loves a comfy pair of flip-flops for when they kick off their heels at the end of the night. They’re cheap, useful, and come in every color you can imagine.

If your bachelorette party involves a beach or pool, even better – everyone will be prepared even if they forgot a change of footwear.

3. Leis or Flowers

A party lei or a fancy flower hairclip is fun, flattering, and festive. Plus, “Want to get lei’d?” is a classic, corny icebreaker you can use if the single girls in your squad run into any cute strangers.

4. Designer Trinkets

If you want your party favors to be chic without spending a fortune, look for small trinkets from your favorite designers. Even the most high-end labels often have affordable things like pens or keychains that you can include in your bag of treats.

5. Light-Up Accessories

Your bachelorette party is the time to let your inner wild child out and have fun. Festive light-up accessories are a great way to get the party started, and you can find them at a discount party store or the dollar store.

6. Shot Glasses

A shot glass is always a great way to memorialize an occasion. You can get unique glasses from your party or wedding destination, or even make personalized glasses for your girls. It doesn’t cost much to add each person’s name or a catchphrase to a shot glass, and it’s a souvenir they’ll probably keep forever.

7. False Lashes

If someone’s never worn fake eyelashes before, there’s no better time to start. Turn it into a bonding moment by watching a tutorial together when you get ready. Today’s false lashes are high quality and easy to apply, and they don’t need to cost much.

8. Chalk Note Glasses

A classy wine glass with a chalkboard on the side makes a gift that can be customized for any event. You’ll have no end of fun writing dirty sayings on each other’s glasses while you pregame for a night out.

9. Fancy Panties

Chances are, you know everything about your besties – even their bra and panty sizes. Pick up some pretty panties in fun colors to tuck into your bachelorette party goodie bags. You can find panties with fun, silly, or sexy messages printed on them – picking the best one for each person at the party makes putting your gift bags together even better.

10. To-Go Cocktails

Those mini bottles of liquor that you get on airplanes fit perfectly into a gift bag. Put them alongside some mini bottles of mixers, and you have a to-go cocktail for everyone to take home. If you included a fun glass in the bag, even better!

11. Wild Sunglasses

Lots of women chase the sun for their bachelorette party destination. If you’re planning to soak up some rays, don’t miss the chance to add crazy sunglasses to your gift bags. You can get cute ones at affordable prices, or you can get the most kitschy, silly ones instead.

12. Nail Polish

Try to find a shade that everyone will love, but no one would usually pick out. Think bold glitter, neon colors, or wild metallics. The more unique the color, the less likely someone will already have one just like it in their nail polish arsenal.

You can also wrap each polish and make it a white-elephant type game where everyone can steal from each other to get the shades they really want.

13. Earring Sets

Everyone likes different jewelry, but if you pick up earrings in packs of three, four, or more, there will be something for everyone. Plus, your girls will have a great time trading pairs with each other to get the best ones.

14. Coozies

You can get coozies customized with your name, a slogan, or anything else you want. No matter where you take your drinks, a coozie makes them more fun.

15. Candy

Step things up with high-end candy that’s hard to find. Check local and specialty shops for the most interesting picks.

16. Cocktail Shakers

Do you have some aspiring – or experienced -bartenders in the group? Cocktail shakers can be surprisingly inexpensive, and they encourage creative drink mixing, which we love. Add a few drink recipe cards to the bags and let your friends have fun making drinks for each other.

17. Designer Bandaids

Between the high heels and the crazy times, there are bound to be a couple of scrapes, bruises, or blisters. Make sure everyone’s prepared with adorable designer bandaids. They come in lots of fun, limited-edition prints, and patterns.

Which Bachelorette Party Favors Will You Choose?

Everything on this list is fun and affordable. If you want to, you can put everything on here into your gift bags! But no matter which bachelorette party favors you choose, your friends will love that you put in the effort and thought of them.

What are your favorite party favors on this list?