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5 Important Things to Put in Your Purse Before You Head Out on the Town

  • September 27, 2018
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So you’ve got a big night out on the town planned and you can’t wait to get your dancing shoes on.

Is your 9-5 a constant of paperwork, meetings, and pretending to laugh at your bosses jokes? For lots of us, this is how our weeks go down. When someone proposes a big night on the town, we jump at the chance and spend the week planning our outfits.

But, how long do you spend planning what you’ll bring? The things you add to your party bag can help make or break a night out, so you need to plan with care.

Whether you’re on a wild girls weekend trip or staying local, the contents of your purse matters. Do you need some help getting the right things to put in your purse? Don’t fret, we are here to help.

5 Important Things to Put in Your Purse

The PKW rule is an important rule to follow. That’s Phone, Keys and Wallet. As long as you have these three things, you’re all set, right? Wrong.

There are so many other things you should bring with you to make sure your night runs as smooth as it can. Read on for 5 of the most important things to put in your purse.

1. Roll Up Flats

When you’re leaving the club at 3am for a greasy burger to soak up the booze, you don’t want to make the trip in heels. Or, you could be heading home with a hunk and don’t want to spend the trip in agony.

You’re a strong woman who doesn’t need to stay in those heels a second longer than necessary. Roll up flats can be the ultimate lifesaver

They’re easy to carry and they don’t add any extra weight to your purse. What’s more, they can save your feet from a world of pain in their hour of need.

2. Portable Phone Power Bank

So, you’ve lost your friends on the dance floor and need to get in touch with them. Or you’re getting a phone number from the hot guy whose been eyeing you up at the bar. Either way, the last thing you need is for your phone to die on you.

A power bank for your phone can be a lifesaver. It’s great to help you find your friends or bag that date. It can help you call a cab home (with a stop at a drive through, of course). Or, if you’re far from home and find yourself in danger, it’s an essential thing to keep in your purse.

Or, you might need to keep your Instagram updated at all times, and it’s perfect for that too!

3. An Emergency Make-Up Bag

Some nights you dance so much your make-up starts to run, or you feel like you could use a little touch up here and there.

Or the night may roll into morning and you need to look presentable on the walk of shame. A make-up bag in your purse is exactly what you need.

Pack a small make-up bag with essentials like mascara, lipstick, concealer and wipes. A bit of moisturiser won’t go amiss either.

Top tip – keep some gum and perfume in there too. You never know who you’ll bump into once you leave and you want to look and smell as presentable as possible. We’ve all been sick down an alley after one too many drinks. Or we don’t have the freshest breath ever after that big tasty burrito.

A stick of gum and a spritz of perfume will leave you feeling 1000 times fresher!

4. Band Aid are a Must

Dancing in those heels for hours on end may look great, but we all know that your feet are going to be in agony after a while.

Band aids are the perfect thing for making sure your heels are as comfortable as possible. Walk around the house before you leave and figure out where the rub zones are. These are the parts which will hurt after a few hours, so apply band aids to them to reduce chafing.

Or, you might take a tumble after one too many shots and graze your knee. Band aids are perfect for cuts and scrapes and get you back on your feet as fast as possible!

Be a good friend and bring enough for the other girls in the group. They may have forgotten and you don’t want anyone else to feel that pain!

5. Pack Some Pain Killers

We’ve all been privy to a nasty hangover in our time. Most times, it’s unavoidable on big nights out. Combining heavy drinking, pounding music, and screaming voices is a recipe for pain.

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with an angry hangover on our day off. or worse, being sat at your desk at work trying not to puke.

But you don’t have to suffer. Pack some Advil or Paracetamol to help you clear your head. Tylenol is great since it’ll help stave off puffy ‘morning eyes’ as well!

Remember These Things to Put in Your Purse

I’m sure we have all been on a night out and wish we’d packed at least one of these items.

Don’t let that be you, make sure these are the things to put in your purse.

The best part about all these items? They are all cheap, small and easy to replace! You don’t need to worry about losing them or spending a fortune.

Now you’ve got the essentials covered, it’s time to let your hair down and have a great night!

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