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Brunch So Hard: 7 Tips for Hosting an Unforgettable Boozy Brunch Party

  • September 21, 2018
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Did you know that Americans spend over $7 billion on throwing 4th of July parties each year? You wouldn’t think that barbecues cost that much, but planning any get together can quickly become expensive and stressful.

Who doesn’t love a leisurely brunch? From bottomless mimosas to sampling all the sweet and savory dishes, brunch is always a good idea to most people. If you’re the host of the brunch, however, you may have other feelings.

Brunch is about relaxation and indulgence. Planning the best brunch party doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you follow these 7 tips, you and all of your guests can share some bubbly, eat delicious food, and enjoy each other’s company.

1. Make the Dishes and Drinks Customizable

Not only will this trick save you some time, but it will also make your guests happier. When you let others do the assembly work, they can choose their favorite combinations while you enjoy your own food.

One great brunch spread could include a waffle bar, a toast bar, a parfait bar, and a drink bar.

Toppings for the waffle bar could include a variety of syrups, whipped cream, a few fruits, powdered sugar, and, if you’re ambitious, you could even include fried chicken for a classic chicken and waffles dish.

The toast bar could include eggs, sliced avocado, butter, jams, and breakfast meats. For a little more variety, you could also include bagels with cream cheese, too.

At the parfait bar, let guests choose from different flavored yogurts, fruits, jams, and granola.

For drinks, include the normal morning beverages such as cold water, orange juice, coffee, and tea. With a few different boozy concoctions to choose from, your guests will have fun sipping all morning.

2. Offer More Than One Drink

We all know that mimosas reign as champion of brunch drinks. However, more drinks equal more fun at your brunch. If you need brunch party ideas for which alcoholic beverages you can serve, try any one of these delicious drink recipes.

You have a couple of options for serving drinks. You could either lay out all of the ingredients to make different drinks, or you could have pitchers full of different recipes for easy pouring. If you go with the latter, make sure to include a stirrer in each pitcher to prevent any alcohol separation.

Some boozy drinks taste even better the next day like sangria. The flavors of fruits have time to soak into the drink. Preparing ahead of time can save you some stress when morning arrives. All you have to do is add any sodas right before the party starts so the drinks don’t go flat.

3. Set the Vibe of Your Brunch Party

Your brunch at home would benefit from having a clear theme. If it’s outside, you could decorate with earthy colors like green and blue.

Be sure to tell your guests ahead of time so they can come prepared with sunglasses and comfortable clothing. It’s also a good idea to keep sunscreen outside for any guests who need extra protection.

Creating a party playlist can also do wonders for setting the tone of your party. You could opt for soft jazz, pop hits, acoustic songs, or more. Just make sure that the volume doesn’t overpower the conversation.

4. Prep as Much as You Can the Night Before

There are tons of brunch party foods that can be made well in advance. When most of the cooking is done ahead of time, this means you can spend more time relaxing with your friends and less time sweating in the kitchen.

If you want to include homemade waffles, you can actually cook the waffles and freeze them a couple of months in advance. If you don’t have room in the freezer, cooking the waffles the night before and keeping them in the fridge is fine, too. All you have to do is pop each waffle back into the waffle cooker for a minute or two to heat and crisp up again.

Breakfast casseroles are another great addition to your brunch because they can be prepared in advance. They can be sweet, savory, or a little of both. You could make french toast casserole, an omelet-inspired casserole, or a casserole with potatoes, broccoli, and cheese.

5. Add a Personal Touch

One of the best brunch party ideas is to add a personal touch. One example is decorating champagne flutes with the names of each guest with glitter and other pretty designs. This is something that your guests can take home so they can remember your party forever.

Personalized champagne flutes can also be a great way to make a seating arrangement if you want your party to be more organized. When guests arrive, they can find their glass and pour themselves a drink.

6. Keep It Simple and Classic

Hosting brunch shouldn’t be complicated. If you follow the advice of assembling food and drink bars and also prepare as much as you can the night before, your party will come together in a pinch.

You don’t need to spend time cooking fancy dishes. Who doesn’t love the breakfast classics?

To add more variety, take advantage of baked goods. If you fill up a table with muffins, cinnamon rolls, donuts, croissants, and other pastries, your guests can have more variety. The best news is that these foods can be purchased at your local supermarket or bakery for just a few dollars.

7. Keep the Food Warm with These Tricks

Certain dishes like casseroles and pancakes can be kept warm in the oven until your guests arrive. If you want an impressive spread for your guests to see when they walk in, you can keep the dishes tented in tinfoil to trap the heat. Serving hot foods in metal dishes with lids is also a smart way to keep food toasty for a long time.

If you need to keep things cool, ice is your best friend. Yogurt and fruits can be kept cool in a bowl nestled on top of another bowl full of ice.

Ready to Throw Your Best Party Yet?

With these 7 tips, your brunch party is sure to be unforgettable. Our Big Fun Party is your ultimate resource for planning the best parties for any occasion. For more helpful tips, check out our blog.