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10 Best Places in the World to Have a Rocking Beach Party

  • August 22, 2018
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Partying and beaches go together like a cold beer and a hot day in the summer.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that many of the beautiful beach towns the world over are also places to dance and drink the day and night away.

When traveling for a bachelorette party, spring break, or to enjoy miles of sand with a bit of music, we’ve put together the best destinations that offer beachside environments and upscale parties.

Looking for a place to hold a smoking hot beach party this summer? Well, here are 10 of the best beach spots in the world.

Ibiza, Spain

It’s no surprise that Ibiza is one of the best party destinations in Europe and the world as well.

Musicians from around the world, from Mike Posner to Vengaboys, have created soothing tunes talking about Ibiza. The music festivals, clubs, and boat parties here make for a booming party scene, something that’ll always lift your spirits.

You can’t miss out on Platja d’ en Bossa if you want to witness and partake in the crazy party culture of Ibiza. The best clubs in this island include Bora Bora and Ushuaia. Cala Jondal is yet another treasure where you’ll enjoy life while at one of the best party islands in Europe.

Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida is equally as glamorous as Ibiza with its hot beachgoers and beautiful weather. The raging clubs, stretches of sand, and celebrity-led restaurants attract everyone. From families on vacation to bachelorette parties, everyone wants to be in Miami.

Several events and festivals take place all year and the clubs and bars throughout Miami are bouncing every night. If you want to be right in the middle of the action, South Beach is the place to be. There’s always a party a few minutes away.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona boasts world-class museums and gothic architecture, but it’s also one of the best beach party destinations in Europe. Rather than one central area, tourists and locals can party in the Gothic Quarter, Las Ramblas, and the vast Eixample.

When the summer is in full gear and there’s plenty of sunshine, many people go to the Port Olimpic waterfront area. There, cheap pubs and swish nightclubs have underground areas and beach terraces that often remain open till 5 in the morning. Visitors can juggle between dancing, techno, salsa, etc., all in one night.

Nissi Beach Party, Cyprus

Nissi Beach, Cyprus, should be high on your bucket list. It’s a lovely sandy beach that’s quite a hit with those looking to tie the knot in a beach environment.

Even though it’s popular, Nissi Beach doesn’t ignore the environment like other beaches. It’s got a Blue Flag award to prove that it meets the exacting standards on safety, water quality, and other conservation criteria.

Catwalks, foam parties, and other exciting events are always held here.

Cancun, Mexico

You don’t need to be a student on summer break to enjoy the boisterous party scene of Cancun, Mexico. This destination is famous for its booze-fueled parties by the beach, thanks to hot outlets like Coco Bongo and Senor’s Frog. Did we mention the fact that 18 is the legal age for drinking?

Foam parties and beer pongs are widespread, but so are striking views of white sandy beaches and great snorkeling locations. This is why Cancun is one of the best beach party destinations around the world.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Famous for its nightlife, Rio de Janeiro is always where the action is in Brazil. Given Brazil’s music and dance-fueled culture, it’s hardly surprising that the South American country is known to host some of the most exciting and fun parties.

Whether you’re visiting the Copacabana Beach for the New Year’s party or stopping by the Rio Carnival, or spending your weekend in the Lapa district, loud, club music and sweat-causing dance styles are waiting for you.

Boracay, Philippines

From luxury seekers to backpackers, the tiny Boracay Island in the Philippines attracts a variety of tourists with its gorgeous beaches and long parties that starts at sunset, ending in the small hours.

Most of the island’s pulsating bars and clubs are in station 2 of Boracay, offering a wide variety of music for dancing and two-for-one specials. The nearby stations 3 and 1 are quieter, but tourists can still find entertainment and live music at places along the water.

Mykonos, Greece

When tourists think of Greece, it’s the country’s awe-inspiring ocean vistas, whitewashed architecture, and Mediterranean cuisine that spring to mind. Many cities in Greece, especially Mykonos, are also considered great party destinations too.

Along the striking beach are restaurants and bars that host parties all day, making the city a dream for partygoers who relish the sun. After raving it up all night, you can relax by the pool in one of the area’s stunning luxury hotels.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Although the well-developed and tourist haven Phuket is the major rival, Koh Phangan is popular for its Full Moon party held once a month.

Koh Phangan is usually a relaxed beach destination, but every month, a Full Moon party happens in the southern Haad Rin area. During the party, thousands of tourists converge on the beach for a wild night of boozing and dancing to R&B music, house, and trance.

Not for the faint-of-heart, the Full Moon party is often billed as the number one party in Thailand.

Kuta, Bali

Kuta Beach in Indonesia’s Bali is a popular beach location for younger partygoers. Beachgoers can get a taste of white powdery sand and jaw-dropping sunsets. It’s also a leading surfing location since the 1970s.

It’s no surprise that many backpackers have Kuta on their list of places to visit. Like other amazing beaches around the world, beach parties always happen here both at night and during the day.

Get Ready To Party

We’re sure there are scores of other amazing beach party locations around the world. Have you been to any of the above beach parties, or any beach parties at all?

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