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7 Fun Variations of Beer Pong You Have to Try

  • January 15, 2019
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Beer pong is a timeless game that rarely gets old. At a certain point in the night, simply standing in front of a table and throwing ping pong balls at things is enough entertainment. 

That said, we can’t always drink the night away but we’ll always want some good competition. It’s those lighter nights that we’ll want to spice up beer pong with a variation or two.

We’ve got a few ideas to throw in the mix to bring your party to the next level. Give these a shot and see how much fun you can have when you mix things up.

Fun Beer Pong Variations

Some of these might require a little preparation, but it’s all worth it in the end. There are some that just take a rearrangement of the cups, so don’t worry too much. 

1. Quidditch Beer Pong

No brooms required. All you need is a good deal of tinfoil, cups, and the expected ping pong balls. 

Use the tin foil to create three hoops like the ones used to score in quidditch. If you’re not familiar with the game, just watch Harry Potter already. If you don’t have the time, we’re sure at least one of your friends is a die-hard fan of the movies and books. 

Make two hoops that sit about two feet high and one that that is about six inches higher than the other two. Place them in a line through the center of the table with the largest one in the middle. 

If you shoot the ball through the largest hoop in the middle, you take the cup that you made it in out of the equation. If you make it through the outer two, however, you take out two cups. 

2. Baseball Beer Pong

The arrangement of the cups can be any baseball-esque shape that you like. Placing a cup in all of the positions that you would normally find defensive players is one option, while one cup for each base is another. 

You get three outs and three strikes per “batter.” So, one person is up to bat and keeps shooting to make cups until they miss three times in a row and get an out. Do this three times and switch teams. 

You can play for however many innings you choose, but the goal is to keep a tally of the cups made and see which team has more by the end. 

3. American Revolution Pong

One team is British and one is American. It’s important that you talk in old-timey accents and sing similar songs

The British team starts with 9 cups in a straight line while the Americans are allowed 5 cups arranged however they choose. Americans are able to add a cup when they see fit, but they can only do so five times. 

Again, it’s very important to get into character.

4. Hungry Pong Hippos

Both sides of the board are given 50 balls and 9 cups are arranged on either side. 

When the game starts, both sides throw balls as fast as they can. There aren’t any turns, and the game ends when one of 3 things happens: all of the cups are filled, all of the balls are thrown, or 3 minutes have passed since the game started. 

If 3 minutes pass or all balls have been thrown, whoever sunk the most balls is the winner.

5. Roulette

Arrange both sides of cups in a circle. Each circle has 6 cups, 5 filled with beer and 1 filled with vodka. 

Each cup that’s made requires that someone drink. The thing is, neither team is allowed to know which cup on the other side has vodka. Careful not to fill the vodka cup too high, though.

6. Ricochet Pong

This one might require that you have a ping pong table or at least a separate table that you can put on its side to bounce off of. 

The idea is that every shot needs to bounce off of a wall or a separate board before it enters a cup. It’s difficult to do sometimes, though, so this might be a game for the experts in the room. 

It could be a good idea if you and your friends have gotten so good at beer pong that it isn’t fun anymore. While you’re at it, you could think of different variations on the game. Things like chandeliers, lamps, bar tops and more are all great options for bouncing. 

Another way to go is by extending the firing line which we’ll discuss next.

7. Long Shots

This one is possibly the easiest option on the list. All that you need is a roll of tape to make markings on the ground. 

On either side of the table, set lines with tape that successively get one foot farther from the table. Each cup that’s made requires the player to move one foot back to shoot. If you play with a full set of cups, your space might not have enough room for players to keep moving back. 

In that case, move the tape to the sides or in unusual places that make it difficult to make cups. The more you drink, the more fun and challenging this game gets. 

Set Up a Bracket, Throw a Tournament

If you and your friends really like any of the options above or you’re tired of the straightforward beer pong games, set up a bracket. 

You can have preliminary rounds, playoffs, and championships. You can even extend the games out through different parties if you have too many friends to set up in one night. 

This adds another layer of competition and pride to the games and gives you something to do for many parties to come. You can even play different variations of beer pong on different levels of the tournament to add some fun to it. 

Not to mention, the championship game is extremely exciting when you finally get there because a lot of tension builds up to the last game.

Need More Ideas for Your Parties?

Beer pong is just one of the many elements you can add to a party. Different parties require different games to spice them up, too, so sometimes you need to plan. 

If you’re looking for ways to spice up any party, visit our site to learn more.