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Be Prepared: 10 Insanely Epic Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunts That You Probably Won’t Remember

  • December 8, 2018
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There are few events a man looks forward to in his life more than his bachelor party. This is the one night that he can get all his guys together, go out, and have (almost) no rules apply. It’s like a birthday party on steroids.

Traditionally, though, it’s the best man who steps up to make sure that the groom’s last night of being unwed is a complete rager. Most guys go for the traditional bachelor party activities – like clubbing, drinking, strip clubs, and maybe a bit of gambling.

Why not make things more interesting?

If you’re the man in charge of making sure the groom has the time of his life, put a competitive twist on the bachelor party. Host a scavenger hunt throughout the night or on one night of the bachelor getaway weekend.

This will help all the different guys bond and create great memories together. Here are 10 ideas for bachelor party scavenger hunts to help get your planning started.

1. Get a Free Drink

This is the easiest item on the list, but it’s a lot harder for a man to pull off than a woman. Set points for the scavenger hunt as to whether the men in the bachelor party can get a drink from the bartender or from a random girl. The bartender is arguably the more impressive accomplishment of the two, and it will up the ante even more.

2. Drop It Low on the Dance Floor

Another thing that’s typically reserved for ladies in the club is dropping it low. Guys are more of the sit back and act cool when dancing, and very rarely are there men bold enough to bust a few moves.

But on the night of the bachelor party, it’s time to let loose. Get everyone in the true spirit of going out and not caring by challenging all the men to drop it low. You’ll be surprised to see just how well they can shake what their mama gave them!

3. Find a Girl With the Same Name as the Bride

Up next on the list is to find a girl with the same name as the bride. Getting proof for this one may be a bit trickier, as some of the guys in the bachelor party may ask a girl to pretend she has the same name.

It’s a lot more fun when everyone stays honest, though. If you do catch a few players in the act, the consequence is a round of shots on them.

4. Win a Shotgun Contest

What’s worse than taking a bunch of shots back to back? Having to shotgun multiple times until you come out on top.

Challenge the men to a shotgun contest at some point in the night. Then, have the losers see if they can beat other people in the bar. The more attempts they make to win, the more fun this scavenger hunt task becomes for the entire bachelor party.

5. Drink Every Time the Bride Calls/Texts

One of the classic rules of a bachelor party is that there are no significant others allowed. This goes beyond having certain ladies attend the events of the evening, and it especially applies to the bride.

As such, whenever the bride breaks this rule and checks in with the groom, the groom has to take a shot. If he answers, the shot has to be a double.

6. Do a Body Shot

Even though the groom can’t talk to his soon-to-be bride, he is able to harmlessly talk to a few ladies on his last night of being a bachelor. If he can convince one woman to do a body shot with him, he earns major points for the scavenger hunt.

Gentlemen’s choice as to who actually takes the shot and who holds it. If you want to make this more interesting, challenge the groom to take two body shots–one as the vessel and another as the drinker.

7. Talk About Sex with a Stranger

As if a body shot isn’t scandalous enough, the next item on this scavenger hunt list is to talk about sex with a stranger. The objective here is to find the best sex tips of the night.

Hopefully, these won’t all be new insights for the bachelor. But, the whole party could learn a thing or two by completing this task. Who knows, some of the single men in your group may even try a few of the tricks they learn that night!

8. Have Someone Kiss the Groom on the Cheek

There’s playful fun and then there’s crossing the line. There’s nothing wrong with a little kiss on the cheek, though. This task is to see if the groom still has his charm.

Challenge him to get a kiss on the cheek from a random person in the area you’re in. You can make this more fun by picking who the kisser should be for him, or let him loose and see what happens.

9. Ask a Girl for a Condom–and Get It

Newsflash: girls carry around condoms, too. But, men don’t always realize this as they’re usually the ones who like to show up prepared.

Still, there’s bound to be one woman in the area with a piece of emergency protection in her handbag. It’s just a matter of seeing who in your party can find it first!

10. Be the Last Man Standing

If the groom is the last man standing at the end of the night, you’ve failed at hosting a bachelor party. However, it’d be nice to recognize which of the men can achieve this.

Prepare a small gift for them to honor their ability to out-drink the group and keep the party going. This can be a gag gift, a souvenir from the weekend, or something he can actually use–like treating the last man standing to his choice of a hangover recovery breakfast.

Bachelorette Party Ideas That Give Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunts a Run for Their Money

As fun as bachelor party scavenger hunts can be, not all of the things listed above would apply to a bachelorette party. Ladies have their own way of letting loose and having fun, and a bride’s last night as a “single” woman should reflect that.

If you’re planning a pre-marriage party for a woman instead of a man, use these tips to make sure all the ladies have an amazing time.