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Girls’ Night Drinking Games: Fun Ways to Get Your Night Out Going

  • December 4, 2018
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There’s nothing better than a ladies night. No men. No kids. No talk of work. Just time with the girls and a glass of wine

The only thing that makes an evening like this even better is the addition of girls’ night drinking games. So we’ve listed our favorite ideas below.’

These are a surefire solution to injecting a bit of fun and laughter into your evening. Let’s dive in!

1. Truth and Lies

This game is an absolute classic- you’ve probably played it before, but we love it, so it deserves a mention in this article!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this game, this is how you play:

  1. Sit in a circle.
  2. Take it in turns to tell two stories about yourself. One must be true, and the other false (hence the name of the game). Try to make it as difficult as possible for them to guess!
  3. The player next to whoever told these stories has to guess which tale is true.

You can probably see what’s coming next…

If you make a wrong guess, you have to take a drink! Whereas, if you get it correct, the person telling the stories has to take a shot. Either way, you’re all going to end up smashed!

2. Medusa

If you have a table, this game’s fabulous!

Cover the table in jello shots (or any kind of shot you fancy), and get everyone to sit around.

Then, all the players put their heads down, and someone counts to three. You all look up and stare directly at someone.

If you’re peeping at someone who isn’t staring back at you, you’re safe! However, if you’re making direct eye contact with another player, you both have to scream ‘MEDUSA!’ and take a shot.

You then continue the game until you’ve finished all the shots!

3. Stoney Face

This game’s hysterical.

Everyone writes down a sentence that would be super hard to say without smiling. Then, fold up these small bits of paper and put them into a bowl.

Each person takes a slip and attempts to say the sentence while keeping a straight face. If they crack a smile, they have to drink!

4 Word of the Day

This game is simple but incredibly effective.

If you’re hosting an event to celebrate someone, say, a birthday or a bachelorette party, get the woman of the hour to think of a word.

From that moment onwards, no one’s allowed to say this word (until the night’s over)- and if they do, they have to take a drink!

Now it all depends how drunk you ladies want to get. You could make it really tough by choosing a word that you always say.

For example ‘it,’ ‘they,’ ‘that,’ etc. Or, if you want to take it a little easier pick a word that isn’t as common, like, ‘fabulous’ or ‘amazing.’

5. Thumbs Down

This is game’s pretty straightforward, and it’s perfect if you’re having a boozy girls night in- because it can go on all night long!

This is how it goes…

When the host thinks no one’s looking, she puts her thumb against the table. Then, as the other players realize, they also have to put their thumb on the table.

The last person to cotton on loses and has to take a drink.

This game is most fun when no one realizes for a while, so try and keep your movements as subtle as possible!

6. Never Have I Ever

This game can get political, so if you think it might end up in a load of drama, skip this one!

This is how it goes; take it in turns to say something you’ve never done before. For example [never have I ever, had a one night stand]. Then whoever has done that, has to take a drink.

Top Tip: if you’re keeping a secret for one of your girls, DON’T accidentally drop them in it- this could end up in carnage!

7. Q and A

The best way to describe this game is like an adult version of Truth or Dare. This game allows you to get to know one another on a deeper level, so it’s perfect for bonding!

The rules are pretty straightforward, and are as follows:

  • The host kicks things off by asking a simple yes or no question to another player (usually about their personal life- but read the room, you don’t want to offend anyone!).
  • The responder has to answer honestly!
  • However, if they laugh, hesitate, or refuse to answer, they have to take a drink.
  • Also, if the question master repeats the same question, they have to take a drink. This means you can’t go around the table asking different players the same thing. Once it’s been asked of someone, it cannot be repeated!
  • Then, the person who answered becomes the lady to ask the next question.

Pretty simple! What could be better than gelling with the girls while getting gradually more and more hammered?!

Did You like the Sound of These Girls’ Night Drinking Games?

We hope you enjoy these girls’ night drinking games as much as we have in the past! They’re a surefire way of ensuring your evening kicks off with a bang.

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