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Make Your Tea Party More Fun and Boozy with these 10 Tea Cocktails

  • August 10, 2018
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Do you want to invite your friends over this summer and have a nice party?

Parties need a gimmick to make it memorable. Some people dress up the place with lights, some hold games.

So how can you make yours unique? Throw a party with tea cocktails as beverages.

Tea cocktails are creative and trendy right now, and the best part is, you can come up with your own unique mixes! Sure, it might take some time to try out different combinations to see what you and your friends might like. That’s why we’ve prepared a small list for you to help you right now.

Chamomile Honey and Whiskey Cocktail

This type of tea cocktail is mild compared to the others on this list. Blending the fresh, apple-like flavor of the chamomile with, depending on what kind of whiskey you choose to pair it with, the aged, earthy flavor of whiskey.

If you’re not that big of a fan of the taste of whiskey, you can consider adding honey, and either lemon or orange slices to make this drink taste more relaxed, while still getting the buzz that the whiskey will leave.

Matcha Mint Juleps

Like all juleps, by mixing whiskey and cane sugar, the resulting sweetness of the drink will dilute the bitter, earthy flavor that matcha brings. Adding some fresh lemon juice and finishing it off by adding fresh spearmint leaves as a garnish gives the drink more flavor that goes well with matcha.

With matcha being on the rise and gaining popularity quick, this can prove to be one of the more popular alcoholic iced tea drinks at your party.

Tea and Whiskey Highball

A zesty drink that brings a cool dark color, it’s a treat for both the throat and the eyes. This refreshing drink gives a blast of carbonated water that will quench anyone’s thirst on a hot summer’s day. By adding some zest, lemon or what you fancy, and garnishing with mint, the drink becomes more desirable.

If you want a sweeter variant, mixing in syrup to your taste will solve the problem.

Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade Mojitos

Taking a break from anything too sweet and want something with a bit of sourness to it? Then this is the perfect alcoholic iced tea drink for you.

The mojitos’ minty, lime-like taste is further enhanced with the addition of muddled lemon and mint. And the mild sweetness of the iced tea takes it home, making this one of the best and easiest to make beverages available. Mixing in some more lemonade, or club soda if you’re not into the sweetness, takes the drink and pushes the flavor even further.

If you desire more of a kick and are into iced tea cocktails with vodka, you can substitute the iced tea with iced tea flavored vodka, as to not change the combination of flavors much.

Spiked Raspberry Iced Tea

Giving the drink its distinct sourness, the raspberry iced tea is perfect with a little bit of vodka to make this tea drink into a cocktail that everyone will want to have more of. By adding some mint, some oranges, or some raspberries, this can become a favorite among your friends without needing to rely on sweetness.

Passioned Green Tea Whiskey

In the mood for shots? This drink combines the alleviating taste of the most popular kind of tea, green tea, and the refreshing taste of passion fruits, and gives you a nice kick with the warmth of the whiskey.

Adding honey will make this drink more refreshing and reduce some of the earthiness that the green tea has. And mixing all the ingredients with crushed ice will make it an even more welcoming taste.

White Peach and Green Tea Bellini

Sweet Bellini tastes even sweeter with white peaches mixed in, and adding green tea in there gives it an enlivening taste that leaves you wanting more. You can add in some more alcoholic things, like gin, if you’re in the mood to get a bigger kick in.

Together with the gin, you can consider adding orange peels, cinnamon, or even licorice to balance out the gin’s taste and make this drink refreshing as you drink it.

Irish Whiskey Green Tea Punch

Lighten your spread at the party table with a touch of green with one of the best green tea cocktails there is.

Combine the smoothness of Irish whiskey and the fresh taste of green tea, and you’ll find that you’ve made a cocktail that everyone can enjoy. Give it an extra sweetness by adding ginger ale and honey, and extra kick by garnishing it with mint leaves, and everyone in your party can have a good time with this drink.

Earl Grey Infused Gin Cocktail

A new, interesting take on traditional Earl Grey tea. You can enjoy this beverage by infusing gin into your Earl Grey leaves for about two hours, the resulting brew will have the aroma of Earl Grey and the warm taste of gin.

The cocktail makes for a good hot summer’s drink if you add it in with some honey and syrup to bring give it some sweetness, and ice cubes. Throw in some lemon juice if you feel that it needs a little sourness to elevate the flavor.

Try adding club soda as well if you want and top it off with some dried rose tea buds as a garnish to make this one of the best earl grey tea cocktails you’ll ever have.

Gin and Tea

A simple combination, but one of the best alcoholic iced tea drinks you’ll make. If you favor the lighter drinks, then adding some gin to your sweet iced tea can give it a nice kick without changing much of the favored summer drink’s flavor.

If you want to add some garnish to it, consider adding some cut up limes on the rim to make this drink appealing to the eyes.

Throw a Party and Make Your Own Tea Cocktails Now

Now that you know some recipes to make the best tea cocktails there is, why not throw a summer party. Invite your friends so they can try them too!

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