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Funny Cocktail Names: 10 Delicious Drinks That Are Hilarious to Order

  • November 30, 2018
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Cocktails are a great way to make a night out a bit special. Whether it’s enjoying something super sweet or sticking with a classic dry martini, there are cocktails for every taste. But let’s face it, some cocktails have weird drink names.

And then there are the flat-out funny alcoholic drinks. The cocktails that you don’t want to order when your mom or your boss is around. In this roundup, we’re looking at some of those funny cocktail names that can make ordering them an occasion all by itself.

Funny Cocktail Names

Here we go! Our guide to the funniest cocktail names – and a guide to what they’re made from, so you know you’re ordering something you will actually want to drink once you’ve stopped laughing!

Sex on the Beach

No list of funny alcoholic drinks is complete without this oldie but goodie. Sex on the beach is a blend of peach schnapps, vodka, orange, and cranberry juice. You might find variations including pineapple rather than orange, and swapping out the schnapps for Midori & Chambord.

Slippery Nipple

Guaranteed to raise a chuckle, and maybe even a blush from the younger bartenders this is just one of a family of cocktails that are nipple variants. The slippery nipple is Bailey’s and Sambuca.

In case you were interested, the fuzzy nipple is made with Vodka, Triple Sec, Peach Schnapps and Orange Juice. A buttery nipple is made with Irish Cream, Vodka, Butterscotch Schnapps, and Coffee Liqueur. Yum.

Bend Over Shirley

A Shirley Temple is one of the most proper cocktails you can order; just sprite and grenadine, even kids can drink them. But someone decided to make Shirley a bit more risque and added some raspberry vodka into the mix. It tastes like a Shirley Temple, but drink too many and you won’t be acting so innocent.

The other bonus of ordering a drink which has a virgin equivalent is that if you feel like you need to take a break from the booze, you can quietly ask the bartender to mix you the alternative version and no one else needs to be any the wiser. Make sure you tip your tender well!

Cock Sucking Cowboy

This one is obviously referring to the way those steer handlers of old used to eat their chicken or something. Anyway, once you’ve ordered your drink with a straight face you can expect your bartender to mix up Butterscotch Schnapps and Irish Cream Liqueur. These crazy drink names mask some rather tasty recipes.


This one is quite aptly named, and it’s one you should remember for if you ever have to play ‘catch up’ because you’ve arrived late. It has no less than six alcoholic components; Absolute Kurant, Grand Marnier, Chambord, Midori Melon Liqueur, Malibu and Amaretto. Phew! Cranberry and pineapple juice made up two of your five fruit & veg a day. Probably.

Adios Motherfucker

When it comes to crazy alcoholic drink names, this one is right up there. You just know that a drink with a name like that is going to pack a punch. And it’s bright blue, which is never a good sign.

Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin and Blue Curacao make up the boozy list of ingredients. Sweet & Sour mix and 7 Up are the mixers. Order your drink, raise your glass and say its name loudly and proudly before you swallow it down. Adios!

Sex on My Face

Hey, bartender! How do you feel about sex on my face? Yes, this is one of those cocktails that gets the party started just by ordering it. You won’t be surprised to find out that it’s a variant of that old favorite, Sex on the Beach.

In this version, you get a blend of Canadian Whisky, Malibu, Southern Comfort Peach Liqueur and banana liqueur with cranberry, pineapple, and orange. Poured into the glass in the right order, this drink has an attractive layered look to it.

Blue Balls

An all-spirit cocktail, it’s the blue curacao that gives this drink the blue color of its name. There are raspberry vodka and coconut rum in the mix, too. Mixed in a stainless container and served over ice, this one packs a punch.

The Intoxicologist suggests sending a round of these drinks over, should you encounter a group of guys who won’t take no for an answer. They taste really good, though, so you might want to keep this one for yourself.

Angel’s Tit

This pure white drink has just the hint of red at the bottom of the glass, and that’s what gives it its name. It’s made with Creme de Cacao, Maraschino Liqueur, and heavy cream. The ‘nipple’ effect is created by dropping a few maraschino cherries into the bottom of the glass.

This isn’t the only part of an angel that’s inspired a drink. An Angel’s Face is made with gin, Applejack, and apricot liqueur. Meanwhile, the prohibition era recipe for a Fallen Angel is gin, creme de menthe, lime juice and Angostura bitters.

Anus Burner

Completing our list of funny alcoholic drinks is this one, which has exactly the effect that you would expect, given the name. Take a shot of tequila, add a slice of jalapeno and add a dash of hot sauce. This one is warm going down and… well, it has other warming effects too.

Prepare for the Night

If you’re going to be spending a night out drinking cocktails, it pays to know the ingredients. It’s very easy to go over your personal limit when you’re drinking these delicious concoctions, so buddy up with a friend and promise to tell each other when enough is enough.

And as much as we’d like to pretend it never happens, good nights out sometimes come with unpleasant morning afters. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Make sure you read our post on hangover prevention and put measures in place to have you leaping out of bed the next morning with nothing but good memories of the funny cocktail names you laughed at the night before.