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9 Unique Ideas for a Girls’ Night out You’ll Never Forget

  • November 6, 2018
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You need that time you spend with just the girls, whether you go out every week or every month or whenever you snag the chance.

But are your outings feeling stale? Do you wish you felt a little more exhilarated after a few hours on the town?

If you need some new ideas for a girls night out, you’ve come to the right place.

This article is the perfect combination of unique and fun, with nine fresh ideas for what to do with the girls. Read on!

1. Party Bus

When you want to drink, finding a designated driver can be tough. Why not rent a party bus so you won’t have to worry? You’ll spend a night on the town in style, and everyone will notice the flashy LED lights when you pull up.

Plus the party bus comes equipped with all the technology, like Bluetooth, WiFi, and flat-screen TVs. You’ll have deluxe extras, too – most buses have leather seats and other special features.

2. Escape Room

Depending on how adventurous you want to be, some escape rooms offer choices like actually getting handcuffed and blindfolded. Before you can solve the puzzles, you have to release the bonds.

If you don’t want to do too much thinking, check with the company. Some will let you bring in bottles of wine.

One escape room owner said he has a group of regulars who know the code to the secret door. They come in, open the door, and sit and drink wine for an hour without even trying to solve the puzzles!

3. Go Dancing

Shake your thing at a favorite local club or bar. If you find out when ladies night is, there are often drink specials, or you can pregame it.

The more often you go, you can make friends with the DJ and they’ll play your favorite songs. It’s great exercise, too, so all those liquid calories basically don’t count.

4. Karaoke

You can combine this outing with the one above. Most bars and restaurants advertise when their special karaoke or trivia nights are, so you don’t have to call around.

This activity is perfect for ladies night out because most people need a little lubrication before they get brave enough to sing in front of other people. Spend time imbibing, and suddenly you’ll find the liquid courage you need.

5. Wine Tasting

Most wine tasting includes transportation, and you’ll pay a flat rate that includes the 2-3 ounce samples at each winery. No worries about a DD is worth the price.

You’ll want to take plenty of pictures so you can remember the outing, and plan to spend most of a day on this one. Yet, if the time investment is okay with you, making memories with your girlfriends on a wine tasting tour is one of the best ways to do it!

6. Go to the Beach

You may think a ladies night out at the beach is kinda weird — no sun, no bikini, no beach hat. But the best horseback rides through the surf are at sunset. If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, check around for any barns or ranches that facilitate riding rentals.

This is an unforgettable activity. Even if you’ve ridden horses before, there is something ethereal about the beach setting and the sunset that makes for great memories (and great silhouette pictures!). Get your girlfriends together and book it soon!

7. Cooking Class

One of the best parts of girls night out is the sinfully delicious dessert. Try cooking your own at a classy grocery store in your town. Some higher-end supermarkets offer gourmet cooking classes.

This is a perfect opportunity to put on your red lipstick and a cute apron. Try out your domestic skills, with delectable results at the end. If you’re worried about the event not being party-like enough, you can always go out for drinks afterward to lament about your cooking skills together.

8. Poker Night

Who says poker is just for the boys? If you visit a casino, there is plenty to do besides play the poker games for the ladies who aren’t interested. Penny and nickel slots are a fan favorite.

For those not on a tight budget, try blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, or even keno. If you don’t know how to play, most casinos have friendly dealers that can offer advice or help you learn a game.

9. A Twist on Shopping

Do you like to shop? For a fun shopping alternative, ask everyone to bring some accessories to trade. Accessories are easiest because then you don’t have to worry about sizes, but you can also swap clothing, books, or kitchen items.

This is a thrifty way to add some new to you freshness to your wardrobe.

You can also draw names out of a hat and shop for the person you drew. Go to the mall together and choose a whole new outfit for the girlfriend you picked.

The best part of this shopping method is that you will end up with something flattering because you’re there to try it on and make sure it fits! But you’ll also get something different and unique because it’s not something you would have picked for yourself. Be willing to embrace something new with this activity.

Best Ideas for a Girls Night Out

If you plan the outings, you’re set for a while. A party bus, an escape room, dancing and karaoke are sure to make your night fun.

If it’s someone else, we’re confident you can convince them to try a few new activities like wine tasting, poker night, cooking class, or our shopping ideas for a girls night out. Your adventures will be full of life this year!

Now all you need is an outfit to go with it — check out our website for some fashion ideas here.