10 Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas (That You Can Find in Your Closet!)

  • October 26, 2018
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As if New Year’s eve didn’t have enough symbolic meaning, science says the clothes we wear also pack a psychological experience!

The research suggests that the physical experience of wearing your New Years Eve outfit along with its symbolic meaning can influence the way you behave and the way you view yourself.

Pressure much?

Not to worry!

On NYE, we want to be comfortable in what we’re wearing, but also feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank. The good news is this New Year’s Eve outfit is likely already in your closet!

Read on to learn how to utilize what you already have with these 10 fashionable New Year’s Eve outfits. 5 options for the ladies and 5 for the fellas!

For the Ladies

Ladies first, right? Let’s take a look at some awesome outfit ideas for ladies.

1.Glammed Up Little Black Dress

Pair your signature little black dress with bold accessories for a fashionable New Year’s Eve outfit. Start with a bold statement necklace with sparkly jewels and colors that pop. Add in a bold heel that matches your statement necklace. Heels can match the sparkle in your necklace or the bold colors in the piece.

Complete this look by adding a bulky bracelet that matches your statement necklace. Voila! You are ready to make a statement as you ring in the new year!

2. Pant Color Explosion

Begin with your favorite pair of boldly colored pants. Make sure that these pants accentuate your body type and will pair well with heels. Then, choose a neutral top with no patterns. The color of this top can accent the bold pant or it can tone down the pant by being a neutral color such as black.

The choose a neutral blazer or overcoat to add class to your bold color choice. Complete the outfit with statement jewelry and a pair of high heels that accent the jewelry selected.

Bam! You are now a classy, bold lady ready for a fresh start in style!

2. Time to Get Funky

Begin creating a funky look by choosing a black pant and top. For the top, try to find a piece that is sweetheart cut or another bold shape. Then, add a neutral blazer that is well-fitted and accents your shapely top.

So far, this look should appear to be sleek and fashion-forward by including bold geometric cuts and shapes. Choose colored jewelry with no sparkle to accent this sleek look. For example, a bright red earring and bracelet combo. Add in a heel that’s neutral or matches your bold jewelry piece color.

Complete this look by including a neutral color patterned purse or clutch. Sleek, stylish and ready to wow the party guests!

3. The Classy Dress Look

Select a dress from your closet that is classy, yet not overstated or business professional. This dress should be flowing and comfortable to wear yet interesting to look at. For example, a dress that is sparkly or with a plunging neckline adds interest and appeal.

Accessorize this look with a classy jeweled earring and an understated metal bracelet that pops. Wear a nude heel or a heel that matches your dress. The key is to blend the heel in with your dress.

Finish this look by wearing nude eyeshadow with a bold red lip and making your hair look soft with elegant curls or styling.

4. Jeans with a Pop of Fabulous

If you are going to a more casual venue for NYE then this look is for you! Start with your favorite pair of jeans that are well-fitted and accent your amazing figure. Select a top that is elegant without any patterns or designs that deter from its elegance.

Then add in the sparkliest necklace and bracelet you have. Think prom or wedding jewelry! Complete this look with a clutch that matches your elegant top and a simple strapped high heel.

5. Black on Black Glam

Grab your favorite pair of black pants that are well-fitted, preferably skinny jeans. Select a top that is also black that is flows or has a structured design such as a ruffled bottom. Add in a black heel or flats.

Complete this look with getting crazy with statement jewelry in your color of choice! For NYE, jeweled pieces or large dramatic pieces are always a go-to favorite!

For the Fellas:

6. Fancy Man

If you’re attending a fancy party then it’s time to pull out all the stops! Select your best fitting pantsuit and white button up. Choose a sleek, thin black tie or a bow tie. Add in cufflinks and a sleek pair of dress shoes and you’re ready to go all Great Gatsby for the evening!

7. NYE Club Scene

Start with your favorite pair of black jeans that are well-fitted. Add in an oversized or a long black tee shirt. Complete this look with a tailored blazer in a neutral or bold color.

Choose a pair of stylish dress shoes with no shine. Get to clubbin’!

8. Black on Black on Black

Select your best fitting black pantsuit. Then select a black button-up top and a sleek black tie. Add in black dress shoes and styled hair and you are well on your way to turning heads this NYE!

9. The House Party Countdown

Start this look with a well-fitted navy pant. Select a light blue or white button-up with a distinct collar. On top of the button up, slip on a navy blue crew neck sweater and allow the collar of your button up to show through.

Choose a plaid or patterned trench coat or longer blazer to go over the sweater. Complete this look with a pair of brown dress shoes with a unique or appealing design.

10. Classy Casual

Start with a pair of gray pants that are well-fitted. Choose a button-up top that is a lighter gray version of your pants. Leave some of the buttons unbuttoned to give this look a casual vibe.

Add in a blazer that is maroon, light brown, or navy blue. Finish this look off with brown dress shoes or a pair of sneakers that are clean and stylish, but not sporty.

Ready to Debut Your New Year’s Eve Outfit?

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