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Bring Down the House: The Ultimate House Party Guide

  • October 6, 2018
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Throwing an ultimate house party isn’t easy.

While it may seem as simple as inviting friends over and grabbing some drinks, to take it to the next level you have to put some effort in.

Check out this house party guide for all the tips you need to have an unforgettable night.

The Ultimate House Party Guide

The secret formula for having a great time is being with people you like and letting loose.

No one wants their party ruined or cut short, so follow the steps below to give yourself the best chance of throwing a great party.

1. Quality Over Quantity

Whoever said, “the more the merrier” clearly never had twenty wasted bros they’ve never met turn up at their house and throw up everywhere.

It’s your party so think about the people you know that will make it a great time. For example, if you want to get drunk, dance, and yell karaoke at your TV, then maybe don’t invite the people you know who like quiet cafes and intimate conversations.

The best party is where everyone is enjoying themselves together, so be selective and bring the right people together for an amazing time.

2. Do Damage Control Before Any Damage

One of the major buzzkills of any party is getting that knock on the front door from an angry neighbor.

The best thing you can do is go to the surrounding homes and let each one know that you’re throwing a party. As an extra courtesy, you can also give them your number to message you if they have any issues.

It’s a great way to earn the respect of those around you and will guarantee to help your night run smoothly.

3. Each Space Deserves a Soundtrack

Think about your space and consider what type of mood you want in each room.

For example, you could put some light jazz in the kitchen, dance music in the living room and some funk outside. (And also maybe some sexy music in the bathroom for a laugh). This will help guide people to the right areas of the house you want them to be in.

Once you know the mood you want in each room, put together a playlist of songs to run through the night. Don’t get too worried about making it perfect, it will just be in the background and people will likely start playing their own music as the night goes on anyway.

You can buy portable speakers extremely cheap now so save the loudspeakers for the room you want to dance in and spread the rest out.

4. Food with the Floor in Mind

Every great party has snacks to keep people going but it’s worth thinking a bit more about the consequences. Chips and guacamole seem like a good idea but how many parties have you been to with crushed chips littering the floor?

The ideal finger food shouldn’t be messy and should be filling. One healthy option is vegetables with a variety of hummus, or you can be more traditional and have a big bowl of fries and sauces.

Get creative with it and surprise your guests with tasty, flavorsome food.

5. Pour Some Drinks

Most people will drink before they even come to your party, some will bring their own drinks too. But since you’re throwing the party, you should still ensure there’s plenty for everyone.

A few days before your party, look up some cocktail recipes and find one or two which you think will appeal to people. The fun part is you then grab the ingredients and try making it ahead of time.

For the party, make a batch large enough for most of the people coming and stock a crate of beer and a few bottles of wine for those who prefer simple, traditional drinks.

6. Set a Theme

Throwing a house party with a theme is an excellent way to give your party some extra character.

From 80s disco to superheroes, there’s no limit to the choices you have available. Of course, make sure it’s a theme you know others will like and can easily follow. An entire party based off an obscure show or with elaborate costumes may put people off.

7. Set Out Some Games

Not everyone is into dancing and standing around talking, so give people options to have fun elsewhere will help keep up the energy.

If possible, avoid two player games and stick to things which many people can be a part of. Some examples of this would be a deck of playing cards, dominoes, or group games on a phone or gaming console.

You can also create party-wide games that will keep guests on their toes. It could be something like a ‘Challenge Bowl’ where every 30 minutes someone is nominated to draw a random challenge from the bowl. These can be anything from standing on one leg until the next draw to doing a shot while in a headstand. Have fun with it!

8. Make People Feel Welcome

Just because you’ve been getting hyped for your party all day doesn’t mean everyone who shows up is there yet.

Some guests may have had a rough week or were brought by a friend so don’t know everyone.

The best thing to do is keep an eye out for anyone who seems uncomfortable or shy and go talk to them. Help introduce them to people, get the conversation going, and leave them with a fresh drink in their hand.

9. Cut Yourself Off

There’s nothing more important than being coherent during your party. It’s fine to have a few drinks before the party starts and even a few shots as the night goes on, just make sure you don’t go overboard.

Just drink enough to be happy and social, it’ll mean you’ll be able to keep the party going and help out if anything goes wrong.

10. Wind Down With Style

All good parties must come to an end so take steps to ensure you do yours right.

Nothing is worse than everyone having a good time when all of a sudden the music is shut off and they’re told to leave.

When inviting people, let them know the score from the start. Does the party have a set time to end? Is anyone allowed to stay the night or should everyone make plans to get home after?

Being clear about this will make it easier when the time comes to start slowing things down. Bring out the trash bags and start cleaning, put more chill and relaxing music on and eventually, people will start making their way home happy.

Party Hard

Knowing how to throw a good house party is a great way to guarantee yourself a good time because it puts you in control.

As mentioned at the start of this house party guide, remember that the more effort you put in, the more fun you and everyone will have.

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